About Me

Hello, I'm Raphael Tripet

I empower introverts to create LASTING love!

My Story

I remember it, as it was yesterday, it was a traumatic moment for me, I was 6 years old and from anger, I grabbed my little brother’s head, pushed it through a glass door, which broke, and his head went through. Seeing that, my mum locked me up in my room until the next morning. The emotional impact of her reaction on me was not understood until I was 32 years old and a deep search within myself to answer one question “Who Am I?”. From that traumatic moment, where I let my anger out, I felt rejected and lonely.

That experience conditioned my entire life, unconsciously preventing myself to speak up to protect myself, locking my heart up from giving or receiving any love. Only a break-up allowed me to feel that deep pain again to realise I have to change something. After 15 months of research, on the 1st January 2019, I discovered that loneliness was the trigger to all my behaviours and decisions, seeking for unconditional human connection and love.

From that day, I committed myself to end loneliness in the World, to IGNITE your inner lover for more meaningfully connection and ultimately love in your relationship.

My Journey

Our Mission

To Empower successful individuals to meaningfully connect with their partner for more Intimacy ♥

WHY we do it?

To end loneliness in the world! #end_loneliness

HOW we do it?

By connecting people looking for more intimacy in their relationship.

WHAT we do?

We create groups of people who empower each other for a more fulfilling relationship.

Our Values


Be Yourself, Own Your Shit, Take Action

"Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching." C.S. Lewis


Love Others As You Love Yourself,
Demonstrate Empathy.

"You are perfectly imperfect! We are all beautiful!"


Be open-minded, Reflect on Yourself, Demonstrate Self-Awarness.

"The day where I stop learning is the day when I fail."


Let's Connect!

My mission is to connect with people. I exist to listen, love and guide you. Reach out today and let's connect!